We follow an Agile software development approach to all of our projects. With an Agile approach, our project management and business analysis teams work with all key client stakeholders in order to prioritize feature design and development.

The goal of an Agile project is to deliver the most business value as quickly as possible, then iterate on that success and build out additional functionality in the quickest and most effective way possible. Decisions regarding the scheduling and timing of production releases are incorporated into the prioritization discussion throughout the project.

Project Planning

The project is broken out into short work periods, called sprints. Each sprint ranges from 2 - 4 weeks in length, ideally favoring a shorter period of time. At the beginning of each sprint, the team meets to lock down the scope for each sprint, and set expectations for the scope of the subsequent sprint. Also during this meeting, the team will present the items accomplished in the previous sprint and review any items that didn’t quite make the delivery deadline.


Throughout the entirety of a project, we work with each client to define the requirements of the application in case any changes in scope arise. Each requirement is represented as a single, specific, and actionable item on which the team can deliver. Generally, they tell a story of how the user will interact with the application, but in some special cases they can represent administrative, infrastructure, or performance tasks.





From B2B to online travel to public radio to education, we have built countless websites and web applications on numerous technologies, such as Ruby on Rails, ASP .NET MVC, Bootstrap, Angular 2, Backbone, and many more. We always focus on choosing the right tool for the job and making sure that when our work is finished, our client’s can maintain their site well into the future.

Responsive Design

We know that the majority of users are not only viewing websites on a desktop computer. Therefore, we ensure our websites are accessible everywhere you go by designing and developing all websites to be responsive for desktops, tablets, and mobile.

Ruby On Rails

We utilize Ruby on Rails as the main language in the majority of our custom applications. Ruby on Rails is a cross-platform web application written in Ruby. This language is widely accepted across the web industry as a robust, mature, and professional toolkit that allows us to develop applications faster due to the minimized steps, time, and verbiage involved in custom programming.

UX/UI Design

Our design and development teams are dedicated to creating designs that enhance the overall website usability. With both clean frontend and backend design and development, our sites enhance overall customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.


Our team also specializes in creating content managed websites, and utilizes Drupal as our go-to, recommended content management software. With it’s great usability features, this content management system allows for simple content authoring, as well as has reliable performance and excellent security. With it’s flexibility and modules, our design and development teams are able to customize the system to fit the brand and needs of the client.



The rise of mobile development has changed the world and reshaped how we conduct business. We’ve been fortunate enough to help several companies take advantage of the best that mobile has to offer. Android or iOS, even cross-platform tools like PhoneGap, NativeScript and Ionic, our focus is on building the right app for the audience.

Android Apps

We have created Android apps in a gamut of industries. The open source, customizable, Android platform allows us to create apps for our partners that are both user-friendly and beneficial to users and organizations.

IOS Apps

From lifestyle to service-oriented to product-support, we have built numerous iOS apps for our partners. All our iOS apps are built to the highest standards in order to ensure the app fits the standards of both Apple and the user.